Of Strength and Service

"When in doubt, go to DAV and ask for help. Trust in DAV and you'll be in good hands."

Bobby Body, U.S Marine Corps & Army

Injury has never quelled the spirit and strength of DAV member, Bobby Body.

“I joined the United States Marine Corps in 1996; however, due to injury, I received a medical discharge,” says Bobby, who enlisted in the Army when the twin towers were struck.

“After the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York, I felt obligated to rejoin the military and do my part.”

Deployed to Habbaniyah, Iraq in 2005, with the 1st Brigade B 125th Combat Infantry, C Troop 1st Brigade 11th Armored Cavalry, Bobby traveled along the MSR between Ramadi and Fallujah.

“We were attached to the 2nd Marine Expeditionary, and had several confrontations. Our mission(s) were 12-man dismounted missions to draw the insurgency. Once out in the open, our orders were to neutralize and detain, if possible, until QRF [Quick Response Force] arrived. We were also used to help the EOD [Explosive Ordnance Disposal] to clear hidden IEDs and to find hidden weapon caches. I also volunteered to join and help an armored unit, which I had to learn how to drive, and load an M1A1 Abrahams Tank. I did approximately eight missions with the armored unit. I also volunteered to pull sniper security for two missions.”

Being away from family and loved ones wasn’t easy, but Bobby was committed to serve.

“I knew what I was getting into, and felt obligated to do so.”

In February 2006, while en route to search for a high-ranking insurgent, Bobby’s Humvee was hit by an IED, blowing a door into his left side, injuring his left arm and leg. He was medevaced to Landstuhl, Germany where doctors told him is injuries were too significant and sent him to the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, FL where surgeries were performed on his arm and he was diagnosed with PTSD.

Within a year, the injury he’d sustained to his left leg had progressed and he underwent his first in a series of three surgeries. Since his retirement from the Army in 2009, he went through four more procedures. Ultimately, Bobby’s left leg was amputated above the knee.

But this proud DAV member’s drive to excel didn’t end on the surgeon’s table, and he would once again represent his country.

McIntosh New DAV National Commander McIntosh New DAV National Commander

After years of navigating his way through VA bureaucratic circles related to treatment for his PTSD, and securing a wheelchair ramp for his home, Bobby began powerlifting for competitions, representing the U.S. Team at world championships where he competes against individuals without disabilities.

When he competes, Bobby wants everyone to know about the organization of which he’s so proud to be a member.

“I proudly wore DAV symbol on my sleeve at my last competition and told people about what DAV has done, and is doing, for me and my wife.”

“DAV is amazing. When in doubt, go to DAV and ask for advice before dealing with any other disability service first. Don’t try to do things on your own, as DAV will help you every step of the way for any type of disability you may have, whether physical or psychological. Trust DAV and you’ll be in good hands.”

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