After 17 years of service, and four tours in Iraq, veteran Ron Kirby realized it was time to pursue his dreams, and the first step, he says, was to earn his college degree.

"Being the first in my family to actually obtain a degree was a milestone for me," says Ron. "I'm truly grateful for all of my accomplishments, and I couldn't have done it with serving my country first."

Ronald Kirby

Ron did more than simply "obtain" his degree -- he graduated at the top of his class.

But, in spite of his high achievements, Ron, like so many veterans, found the transition from service to civilian life difficult; he felt as if he didn't fit in and he certainly didn't feel as productive as he was in the military. His years of service had filled him with pride and purpose.

"Putting that uniform on every day made me so proud to have that opportunity," says Ron.

Thanks to DAV, Ron soon learned that there were new opportunities in store for him when he landed a job at a DAV|RecruitMilitary veteran career fair.

"I landed a job working in the healthcare system, where I can continue to help people as I have done all my life," says Ron.

Through the DAV|RecruitMilitary veteran career fair, Ron was able to network and speak with other veterans -- a highlight of the event.

"It is definitely something that all veterans should take advantage of because they recruit from some of the top employers that are out there today," says Ron. "It is one of the greatest resources that you could ever use."

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