Single Mother Stands Strong with DAV

A veteran raising three kids alone, Nelli Hansen needed the benefits she earned as a Marine so she could take care of her health and her family.

While serving our nation as a United States Marine, Nelli Hanson was always thinking of others. So it’s no surprise her kids were her biggest worry when she was diagnosed with a severe blood disorder.

Raising those three children alone, Nelli says, “I do not want my illness to become their burden or their limitation.”

If this veteran’s diagnosis was serious, so were her treatment options, ranging from blood transfusions and weekly shots to chemotherapy.

Nelli was already fighting an exhausting battle against her illness. She certainly did not need the new battle with the bureaucracy of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

But she soon realized she would have to fight if she was going to get the benefits she earned while she was defending our freedom.

A veteran raising three kids alone, Nelli Hansen needed the benefits she earned as a Marine so she could take care of her health and her family.

DAV Takes on The Fight

“I kept getting the run-around. I was treated as if I were a burden to the VA. I was talked down to, as if I were a child, or faking symptoms even though my lab results showed otherwise,” Nelli explains.

Denied her benefits, Nelli didn’t know how she’d manage to pay her medical bills and still take care of her family. It was an impossible situation. She just wanted to move forward and live a productive life.

Thankfully, she had DAV by her side. DAV encouraged her and helped her stay strong for her family. Most importantly of all, DAV squared away Nelli’s problems with the VA.

“DAV gave me back my confidence in knowing that I was going to be taken care of,” says Nelli. “DAV allowed me to focus on everyday life and raise my children. I don’t worry about whether or not I can afford my next treatment,” says Nelli.

Not only did DAV restore Nelli’s peace of mind, the organization worked to correct the VA’s error, always keeping Nelli up-to-date on the status of her claim.

“DAV was magnificent in helping get the benefits I rated,” says Nelli.

Now she can focus on what matters most: her children and getting healthy.

DAV Giving Voice to Veterans

Nelli adds that DAV fights for all veterans: “I wish that more people knew that DAV is in constant legislative battles with the government to protect and support veterans’ rights and benefits. With the ever-changing governmental budget, organizations such as DAV are vital to make sure the voices of veterans are heard.

“DAV will work on behalf of our veterans, without cost, to ensure benefits are granted where warranted.”

And Nellie is right. The representation of DAV National Service Officers (NSOs) is provided to veterans and their families free of any charge. It always has been, and always will be with the help of a grateful and generous American public.

Nelli appreciates that DAV is all about veterans helping veterans. It’s the same camaraderie she valued as a Marine.

“Don’t give up,” Nelli says, encouraging her brother and sister veterans. “We stood shoulder-to-shoulder with one another while serving, and we have a commitment to take care of each other after we hang up our boots.”

For veterans like Nelli, knowing DAV is in their corner makes fighting for what they’ve earned not only possible but positive: “It may not be an easy battle but, when we were serving our country, we didn’t call it quits when the times got tough.”

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