2017 DAV 5K Atlanta Run to Honor Veterans

Willett Lab at the Atlanta VA
Willett Lab at the Atlanta VA

Willett Regenerative Labs

The Willett Regenerative Labs - http://www.willett-regenerative-labs.com/

We are biomedical engineering research group located at the Atlanta VA Medical Center. We have affiliations with Emory Orthopaedics and the Georgia Tech/Emory Biomedical Engineering Department. Our research focuses on developing new regenerative engineering therapies (stem cells, tissue engineering, and biomaterials) and subsequent rehabilitation protocols to improve function for our Veterans after musculoskeletal injury and disease. We specifically focus on developing new therapies for treating arthritis (which effects 43% of VA health care users) and severe traumatic injury (which is the most common combat related injury). 

We are commited to making the lives of our Veterans better! Please donate to the mission of DAV and support the Willett Lab as we run a 5k this Memorial Day.



Why We “Go 5K”
Did you know there are currently 4 million disabled veterans in our country?  We want to do our part to help veterans, which is why our team is participating in the DAV 5K Run to Honor Veterans.  DAV (Disabled American Veterans) is committed to a single purpose: empowering veterans to lead high quality lives. Together, we can stand up and honor the brave men and women who served.

About DAV
DAV is a nonprofit organization that helps more than 1 million veterans in life-changing ways each year. DAV assists veterans by helping them gain access to the medical, financial and educational benefits they’ve earned along with connecting them to meaningful employment opportunities.  All services are provided free of charge.

Please Support Us
The DAV 5K helps further the mission of the DAV to ensure our injured heroes are not alone on their road to recovery.  When you join our team or make a donation, you are investing in the lives of our wounded American heroes who have sacrificed for our freedoms.

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